The best nights are the ones that go in a completely different direction than planned with plenty of little surprises mixed in.

Having one of those days where I want to admit defeat and run away. I had no idea single parenting could be this challenging.

First time Kylie met with her counsellor happened today. Thought it went well and she seemed comfortable.

Tonight, she was crying and yelling, saying it was the worst day ever and that I’m not a normal parent. This process is going to be tough.

A year later, our office admin has given her notice. I’m hopeful that I don’t go through a repeat of last year - 4 admins in 3 months.

Having one of those days where I question what I’m doing with work. Also just spilled coffee on my polo. It’s just getting better for me.

I feel the most alone when I’m awake at night and finding nothing new or of interest on social media. This seems to be happening regularly.

I feel rather horrible for my daughter tonight. Second summer in a row where her bestie is moving away from Kelowna.

Racing to finish the final season of Downton Abbey before GoT starts again. Always pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy this show.

Racing through the final season of Downton Abbey to prepare for GoT. It’s quite a pleasant surprise that I enjoy this show so much.

I made the mistake of trying a different whisky from my reliable favourite. Not as tasty, but takes the edge off. Success.