Installed this app on my phone to track screen time, which has me feeling both anxious and curious about the results. Also includes some exercises to cut down on phone usage. See how this goes.


My mom’s new white car is getting bombarded by the birds constantly, but they’re leaving alone the other vehicles. My daughter’s theory is the birds are watching us use our white toilets, so they’re imitating us.

I feel like I am wearing eye black with how heavy the bags are under my eyes this past week. Looking forward to a quieter weekend.

Kylie has discovered my blog after doing a Google search for herself. She’s quietly reading some of the birthday posts I’ve written about her. I thought I’d be able to keep them hidden until she was a teenager, but she’s too smart for me.

Having one of those up-and-down days where I need to remind myself that I’m still here, nothing has changed physically for me. Need to keep pressing forward.

Today may just be the highlight of 2018 for my daughter. Why? First day of knitting club at her school.

She’s been talking about it for weeks.

Practicing some my math questions with my daughter: If you give someone $1.00 for an item that costs $0.79, how much change will you expect back? Her: 20 cents. No, it’s 21 cents. Her: But how are they going to give me the penny when it doesn’t exist?

I’m planning on watching the Super Bowl today, but I’d like to take a lesson from those who don’t care for it and apply it towards the daily events and drama. I don’t need to devour and care for it all. (Quote - @dailystoic

When I told my daughter that the groundhog saw its shadow and that meant six more weeks of winter, she was actually excited about it. A sure sign that she’s not growing up in -40 C winters that last forever like I did.

My daughter saw an ad for a used NES and when telling my parents about it, referred to it as being, “an original Nintendo Switch.”

Maybe listening to Chopin wasn’t the greatest decision tonight. Feeling rather somber now.

Also, worked on republishing my older blog posts from six years ago: Four Sides

You know I’ve been living in Kelowna too long when I’m complaining about how much snow is falling and it’s still January.

A day of skiing at Big White, means a kid that passes out shortly after laying down.^

^ I was working in the office. No fun for me.

My daughter’s school is really stepping up their hot lunch game: Summerhill winery, Social 242 Lounge, Naked Cafe (vegan), Jugo Juice, and others. Some real good options for a change.

Missed the news earlier today of the passing of Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries. Unbelievable talent and gone way too soon. Here she is on the Late Show when she was around 23.