My name is James McCullough – an entrepreneur, a writer, a father, a paleo-eating polymath, fuelled by Blue Bottle Coffee. I work as a consultant for boutique hotels and as a property manager in Kelowna.

This is my home to help understand what is happening around us. I aim to bring the big ideas, the trends, that are fashionable or obscure and share them with you here.

The style here may be different than what you are accustomed to, but I have never been one to fit in with the majority.

I am an outlier.

I view things from the outside before fully engaging with the object.

I will cover many topics here – niches are passe, a dangerous trend that does not help us in the long term. I am here to help you grow without being a preacher.

I am a host, not a guru. I welcome feedback and good conversation. I want to build a community more than a level of readership.

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